TO: My Son, Most Reverend Bishop/s,Clergy, C.D.P./O.S.B./S.N.D.deN., Grand Hensgens/Reiners/Pontons/Monlezuns/From-the-Ridge Families!, Friends of Old and Strangers-No-Longer! is a myriad of all good things conceived and written in pure love. Its genesis of a compilation of writings since the death of my last parent, my mother in November 2000 is for our son and has evolved into a teaching component that is now shared with him, religious orders, extended family, friends and strangers-no-longer.  

You never know!!!


The richness of grateful remembrance, will, fire of love, study and conviction are fanned within my home, my ‘domestic church’ and, in apostolic action, which means this ‘Web of Gratefulness’ is ever-evolving! I give this experiential knowledge away for I want everyone to win as information becomes knowledge becomes wisdom which is priceless! Much of its contents were emulated to me therefore you are invited to pray this compendium forward!