“Heritage is something handed from one’s ancestry or the past, a characteristic, culture or tradition.

Reverence is a feeling or attitude of deep respect, love, awe and esteem for something sacred. Webster





“We sit by fires we did not light. We drink from wells we did not dig!” Author Unknown



1. ‘Timeline!’ All the Years Long! ...to date!


2. 'Journals and Binders!' All Ordered


3. ‘Arthur Avenue!’  My Ancestral Home of Origin!


4. ‘St. Maria Goretti Catholic School Special Collection!’


5.  ‘Arthur Avenue Heritage Tour!’


6. Place Based Heritage Education on Arthur Avenue!’


7. ‘Heritage Workshop!’


8. ‘Bridal Shower on Arthur Avenue!’


9. 'So You Want To Hang It On The Family Wall?!'


10. “Cypress Point ~ 130 Years Later!”


11. ‘Germanfest in Roberts Cove, LA!’ First full weekend in October!



12. ‘St. Leo IV ‘Heritage Walking Tour’ for Germanfest in Roberts Cove, LA!


13. ‘Roberts Cove Heritage Theater!’


14. ‘Roberts Cove Heritage Signage!’


15. ‘Cameron Parish Heritage Signage!’


16. ‘Heritage Studies Series’ McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA


17. ‘Sayings of Mom and Dad!

The Old Sayings are Formative and Delight the Soul; Too Wonderful! Too True!!



18. ‘A Rite! A Worship Aid!’


19. ‘Remembrances!


20. ‘Happenings!’


21. 'I've Been Thinking!'


22.  ‘Songs, Recipes and Prayers!


23.  ‘CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital Heritage Center!’


24. ‘Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc Special Collection!’


25.  ‘’A Family Heritage Sequence!’ 


                                                To Gather! Preserve! Make Relevant! Sustain! PowerPoint Presentation

03 & 04 October 2009 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent!” Roberts Cove, LA

01 & 03 October 2010 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent!” Roberts Cove, LA

21 October 2010 ~ Genealogical Society, Lafayette, LA

04 January 2011~ Southwest Louisiana Historical Society, Lake Charles, LA

16 June 2011 ~ Vermilion Parish Library Adult Program, Abbeville, LA

14 July 2011 ~  Kiwanis Club, Lake Charles, LA

17 September 2011 ~ Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society,  Lake Charles, LA

01 October 2011 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent” Roberts Cove, LA

11 February 2012 ~ Point del’Eglise Historical and Genealogical Society, Crowley, LA

02 March 2012 ~ Serra Club, Lake Charles, LA

06 October 2012 ~ “Germanfest Folklore Tent”, Roberts Cove, LA

18-20 July 2013 ~ Holy Angels Convent, ‘OSB Oblate ‘Spiritual Day’ Speaker, Jonesboro, AR

10 February 2015 ~ Catholic Daughters of America, Lake Charles, LA



24.  ‘Heritage Tour to Country of Origin!’…could-it-be ~

Gather family members and start now while you can still move!

Employ an In-country Interpreter with vehicle!

Map of ‘Hamlets of the Ancestors’/cousins all around!

List of B & Bs/hotels…climate for packing- gear- ease!

Local library locations and University Genealogical & Archival Departments

Office of Mayor/courthouse records

Parish Church/Padre for church records

Churches, museums, quaint restaurants/bakeries! Sites of interest… 

007 Bag! ~ Digital camera/batteries, laptop, iPad, video camera/iPhone to record interviews…cords, batteries, etc…ya know, like a National Geographic person but …

these are your people!!


25. Could-it-be ~    A ‘Virtual Really-Grand-Hensgens Family Reunion!   …   in addition to our

‘Real- Time Reunions’ of course!!



Whom:  Heinrich Hensgens, 1600 to Generation XYZ coordinating with requisite

‘Family Data Coordinators!’

When:  2025…whenever?!

How:      Engage all digital devices of every sort like ‘in a Cloud!’

(Only The Father knows what will be with all things digital and its availability!!)

Where:  Global as the ‘Grand Family’ is global but especially ‘on location’ from:

1) Ancestral Hamlet of Geilenkirchen, Germany ~ Dirk Vollmer

2) German Heritage Museum, Roberts Cove, LA/USA ~ Lawrence Cramer

              3) and my ‘Ancestral Home of Origin’, The German Room, Lake Arthur, LA/USA



…obviously in process…!