“Each of us has been warmed by fires we did not build.

Each of us has been nourished by wells we did not dig!”  Author Unknown

A Family Reunion is a wonderful event. There are just a few challenges that immediately follow on the heels of the flickering desire to want oneI know, I know!!


Know the desire is more than half the game plan; the wondrous desire to reverence those who have gone before, those who are with us and those who will come after us is simply sublime!


Technology at the speed of thought is an asset but taking baby steps in ordering the data that these assets set in motion will now guide you through these pages!


God bless your little heart as He also loves Family Reunions and has planned for each of us the grandest of them all upon entering Eternal Life!






Heinrich Hensgens (Generation One) Main Page…scroll to






1. In order to make contact:  seven ‘GENERATION EXCELS’ emailed to you of the seven

families of generation eleven:

Family Members listed…full name, numbered, underlining Direct Descendant, birth/death year/age at death, physical address, city, state, # home/cell, email and generational number designated by color; 2015 - #512 total members! We email to you the names/email addresses of the (6) ‘JHensgens Reunion Family Data Coordinators’ who in turn e-blasts their extended families with said reunion information!


2. We email the entire JHensgens Family three months prior to the reunion, with a deadline, a kindly request for updated data since the last reunion:  full names and dates:  adoptions, births, deaths, marriages. Also, I have recorded all the years long our Necrology:  list of our dear deceased ones



3. In order to print for the reunion: 

‘Joseph Hensgens Family (and Franz Anton Reiners) Family Tree Maker’ programs receive the family names, dates and totals of:  (1) All Family Members, (2) Connotes Direct Descendants, (3) List of Deceased Members and (4) List the Total Number of Generations that gives us the ‘Family Tree Wall Mural’ for our Reunions!

We offer to tape this mural to a wall; if they send it we can print it and hang it! (We bring our supplies and will be at the reunion location early in the morning to hang all!)



IN SUMMARY:  Now I ‘Spread Da Word’!

Every other year this compilation of updated data totals are forwarded to Descendants of the “Grand Families of the House of Hensgens/Tellers/Reiners/Knoben” and Historical and Genealogical Libraries…it goes out for all from there!!! Wonderful! And they are:


  1. Karl Hensgens, ‘Grand Hensgens Family’, Herzogenrath, Germany who gave us our first beautiful and meticulous hand-written ‘Hensgens Family Tree’ scroll! He gave it to Raymond Aloysius Hensgens who gave this beautiful treasure to me; I found the perfect place for this precious document to reside which is on the ‘Hensgens Family Wall’ in Arthur Avenue, Lake Arthur, LA! This gift helped ignite the ‘gift of data’ today available for all!
  2. Dirk Vollmer, Chronicler ‘Grand Hensgens Family’, Wegberg, Germany
  3. Josie Berken-Thevis, Curator  German Heritage Museum, Roberts Cove, LA
  4. Philip Fabacher, M.D., Chronicler, ‘Pioneer Families of Roberts Cove’, Lafayette, LA
  5. Genealogical Research, Edith Garland Dupré Library, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA
  6. Historical and Genealogical Library/’Hensgens-Reiners Family’, Brandon Shoemaker, Lake Charles, LA
  7. Historical and Genealogical Library/’Hensgens-Reiners Family’, Ann Mire, Crowley, LA
  8. Margaret “Maggie’ Tellers-Dupré, ‘Tellers Family’, Erie, Pennsylvania
  9. Maria Theresia ‘Resi’ Knoben, M.D., “Knoben Family’, Germany
  10. Mary Magdalene Reiners-Cramer/Lawrence, Chroniclers ‘Reiners Family’, Branch, LA

Joseph and Anna Gertrude Reiners-Hensgens Family Reunions

 “Whose Turn Is It Anyway?”

1st Reunion June 1984 ~ Initiated by Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA!

2nd - September 1, 1985 ~ Catherine ‘Frances’ Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

3rd- September 27, 1987 ~ Christian Joseph Hensgens, Mowata, LA


4th- July 9, 1989 ~ Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Thibodaux, LA

5th- July 14, 1991 ~ Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken, Lake Arthur, LA

6th- July 11, 1993 ~ Nicholas Anthony Hensgens, Rayne, LA

7th- July 15, 1995 ~ Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA

8th- June 22, 1997 ~ Catherine ‘Frances’ Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

9th- June 13, 1999 ~ Christian Joseph Hensgens, Mowata, LA

10th- August 19, 2001~Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Thibodaux, LA

11th- July 20, 2003 ~ Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken, Welsh, LA

12th- July 24, 2005 ~ Nicholas Anthony Hensgens, Rayne, LA

13th- April 22, 2007 ~ Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun, Lake Arthur, LA

14th- June 28, 2009 ~ Catherine ‘Frances’ Hensgens-Habetz, Raymond, LA

15th- April 17, 2011 ~ Christian Joseph Hensgens, Roberts Cove, LA

16th- April 21, 2013 ~ Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux, Roberts Cove, LA

17th – June 14, 2015 ~ Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall, Welsh, LA

18th - 2017 ~ Nicholas Anthony Hensgens

19th - 2019 ~ Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun

20th - 2021 ~ Catherine ‘Frances’ Hensgens-Habetz

21st - 2023 ~ Christian Joseph Hensgens

22nd - 2025 ~ Clarice Jeanette Hensgens-Gauthreaux

23rd - 2027 ~ Barbara ‘Leona’ Hensgens-Berken-Smaihall

24th - 2029 ~ Nicholas Anthony Hensgens

25th - 2031 ~ Anna ‘Gertrude’ Hensgens-Monlezun

…and beyond!



Could-it-be … A ‘Virtual Really-Grand-Hensgens Family Reunion!   …   in addition to our ‘Real- Time Reunions’ of course!!

Whom:                                      Heinrich Hensgens, 1600 to Generation XYZ coordinating with requisite ‘Family Data Coordinators!’

When:                                      2025…whenever?!

How:                                         Engage all digital devices of every sort like ‘in a Cloud!’

(Only The Father knows what will be with all things digital and its availability!!)

Where:                                     Global as the ‘Grand Family’ is global but especially ‘on location’ from:

1) Ancestral Hamlet of Geilenkirchen, Germany - Dirk Vollmer

2) German Heritage Museum, Roberts Cove, LA/USA - Lawrence Cramer,

Josie Berken-Thevis and Philip Fabacher

3) and my ‘Ancestral Home of Origin’ from The German Room, Lake Arthur, LA/USA …obviously in process!