Anna Bernadette’s Blending of Faith, Heritage and Mission!


Web of Gratefulness ~ shedding some light!


1.  'We Love You More Than Life Itself!'


2. 'In His Time!'


3. ‘Read! Read! Read!


4. 'Heritage and Archival Special Collections!'


5. "Family Chronicles!"    


6.   ‘Medical Resource Book!’


7.  ‘Lead, Kindly Light’ Diocesan Television!'




Profound gratefulness embraces my husband Col. (Ret) Héctor Rafael Pontón who affords me the time

and space to let it all happen through his upmost support and encouraging words!

He applauds this way of archiving memories and sharing.

Héctor has achieved fulfillment in an enriched life of travel, life-long learning and command.

I love and respect him truly.